Sunday, October 17, 2010


"A state of mind that sees God in everything is evidene of growth in grace and a thankful heart" Charles Finney

Yesterday, I saw evidence that God was with me all day.  From a family pancake breakfast to just hanging out at the house. From having patience with my daughter while shopping for jeans to the kids cleaning up the kitchen after themselves.  From my husband getting to the cabin safely to finding a thankful heart.  God is everywhere, not just in some places.  God is in everything, not just the good things.  He is with me 24/7; in my sleep and lucid moments equally.  He is a presence that never leaves me.  Life has thrown me some harsh intruders lately, and yes, God was in those too.  He  perhaps is showing me to be grateful for a loving family and financial security.  Or, heaven forbid, he is trying to show me patience.  I tend not to recognize God's hand when things are not going my way. I have to remember he is in every adversity and success, every joy and heartache, every valley and mountain.  I also tend to turn to God for strength and guidance when a crisis of some sort hits.  It's the small things, like my daughter getting frustrated when she couldn't find jeans to fit her, that I forget to turn to God.  I did yesterday, and it worked out better than if I'd just been frustrated with my daughter too.  I was open to receiving God's grace and my hands were ready to take hold of anything he deemed ready to give me.  Not that I am always ready when God places items on my plate, but I can be open to receiving them and handling them with the grace God has bestowed on me.  I have to be willing to do his will, not mine.  I have to be willing to see him in everything, not just the success, joy and mountains of my life.  LORD I ask you to continue to show me yourself in every aspect of my life, to nurture me to a grateful heart.  Thump me on the head when you need to and wrap your arms around me when I'm down.  Allow me to accept the valleys of my life with equal thankfulness as the successes.  I place my trust in you, God, and know I can lean on you at any minute of the day or night, ask you to give me understanding and knowledge, and guidance to continue to stay on your path.