Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just like I don't always follow God every minute of the day, nor do I tend to listen to what he has to say to me every moment.  If I'm not still and silent I lose out on the message he was trying to pass on to me.  Unlike my television, I cannot pause or rewind God to review what I missed.  If I missed it, I just have to hope he thinks it's important enough to bring it to my attention in another manner.  I need to learn and grow the skills it takes to be able to hear him directly and personally.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to speak to me audibly.  That would totally drive me insane.  But I know God speaks to his people, and I am one of his people.  He speaks through his word, the Bible, the counsel of good friends and through the holy spirit.  I think it takes a fair amount of effort to make time in my schedule to listen to the only voice worth listening to.  I am not saying I reject God's counsel, only that I am human and unable to train my mind on him all day.  I love, trust and respect him.  The only conversation he cares about is the one I have with him.  Why can't I just take 10 minutes of of my day to listen?  When a friend calls me with a problem, I listen.  Even if I don't have the time, I sit and listen and possibly counsel.  That's all God wants.  He wants me to come to him with my issues and praises and he promises to sit and make time to listen to me.  I should have enough love and respect to offer the same to him in return.