Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am an ordinary person with various desires and interests.  Call it morality or decent behavior, those attributes have claims on my life.  They of course interfere with my natural desires of laziness, disinterest and an entire of collection of sins, all things my ordinary self wants to turn from because I deem them "wrong".  I must given these up.  Other things I deem "right" I must encourage and try to manifest in my life more regularly.  I am hoping to get on with my own life and do what it takes.  My natural self is, like all of us, sinful and this is the starting point from which I must grow to live in the life God has planned for me.  How much of myself must I give to Jesus?  ALL of me!  I must have nothing else that matters to me as much as my relationship with him.  I have always told my kids that my husband comes first; he was, afterall, there before they were born, and he will be there after they move out.  Our relationship is paramount to a healthy overall family life.  They understand this as children, and as they've gotten older they understand the importance my husband and I have placed on our relationship.  They are stronger because of knowing we placed a priority on our relationship in order to enhance theirs.  As a child of God, I must learn to place a priority on my relationship with Jesus so it will enhance my other wordly relaitonships.