Saturday, April 9, 2011


Purpose:  To record God's creation and his relationship with human beings.
Author:  Moses
Audience:  The people of Israel
Date Written:  1450-1410 BC
Setting:  The region presently known as the Middle East
Key People:  Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Key Points: 
  *Beginnings:  Introduces God as creator of all that exists, planets, plants, animals and people.  All people were created in God's own image. 
  *Disobedience:  Sin results when people choose their own way instead of obeying God.  Adam and Eve learned this the hard way.  Only God can reverse the consequences of sinful choices.
  *Promises:  God promised to protect and provide for his people.  He specifically made promises known as covenants, which are binding agreements.  God made a covenant with his people as a guarantee of what they could expect from him.
  *Obedience and Prosperity:  Obedience to God keeps our relationship with him intact and causes us to prosper like Abraham.  Prosperity doesn't necessarily mean wealth or other material possessions.  Rather, true prosperity means living life as God created it to be lived - in the fullness of his blessing.