Saturday, April 9, 2011


In the spirit that I may be taking a yearlong mini-seminary class next year, I have started rereading the bible with a new view, that of being able to witness and minister to others.  I have read the bible every year using different reading plans, some of them random.  However, the more I pray the more I am feeling called to take this class so I want to refresh myself with the bible in a sense of knowing where information can be found and each book's key knowledge.  I understand this task is going to be a bit arduous for certain books but I'm determined to read and outline one book a day, Monday through Friday.  This allows me to do some catch up on the weekends, if needed.  I want to spend this weekend recording the names of each book of the bible and its purpose.  This will give me an "at a glance" view of the bible when I'm looking for certain information.  This will be invaluable to me as I prepare to step out of my comfort zone and start becoming a true instrument God can use to reach others.