Saturday, April 30, 2011


Isaiah 58:8 reads "Then your salvation will come like the dawn..." Just before it Isaiah is talking about how we are supposed to free the wrongly accused, lighten the burden of those who work for us, free the oppressed, remove chains that bind people, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, and not hide from relatives who need us. I grew up with my parents stressing good works in order to be a good girl, but never about how salvation wasn't based on works. Salvation is based on our accepting Christ's grace and his authority and power to free us from our sins. However, if all we do is get "saved" and never do a good deed again in our lives, really, how Christian are we? I think Isaiah is saying that if we are truly saved then serving our community should come naturally to us, just like the dawn comes naturally every morning, without fail. We will WANT to help others. We all do it in different ways. I happen to open my house to people all the time and feed and house them. You might serve in a mission or babysit kids for free. You might write stories to share with hurt kids or make blankets for the homeless. You might donate a year's worth of allowance to a worthy cause, or you might pray for your neighbors every day. The point is, if you are truly wanting to live a life like Christ, what are you doing to help others? I don't think I do enough, but I do what I can given my physical abilities and financial restrictions. I have lots of time so I might have to start asking God to lead me to someone who needs my time.

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