Saturday, April 16, 2011


God gives me the perfect verse at the perfect time.  When I had a rough time in my life God reminded me that he promises peace in the midst of turmoil and joy in the deepest sorrow.  I often wondered why God would allow this adversity in my life.  But, as I kept my mind on God's Word and on the promises I read there, peace began to edge out despair.  Isaiah 26:3 says that God will keep me in perfect peace if my mind stays on him.  You see, I had to have help in striping the lies and half-truths Satan was trying to tell me.  I asked God to whisper in my ear all day long so I could dispel any ugly thoughts.  Perfect peace means fulfillment, abundance, well-being and security.  I have all those things in God.  I will have the strength to keep my mind on God if I just ask him to help me.  God wants to support me and have me depend on him.  When my mind is focused on God, I have the determination to follow his will, and I learn that God is enough.  The Lord is everlasting strength and in God's strenth I can discover abundance and well-being.  I have kept my mind on God, fervently, in the past few months.  I have realized I like my life so much better when God is standing next to me every minute of the day.  I still have occasional adversities in my life, some bigger than others, but I can handle anything now because I know God looks after those who seek him.  I