Saturday, May 28, 2011


Purpose:  To give the history of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land.
Author:  Joshua, except for the ending, which may have been written by the high priest Phinehas, an eyewitness to the events recounted there.
Setting:  Canaan, also called the Promised Land, which occupied the same general geographical territory of modern day Israel.
Key People:  Joshua, Rahab, Achan, Phenehas, Eleazar
Key Places:  Jericho and Caleb were the only two survivors out of the original group of adults who left Egypt to enter the Promised Land.
Key Points:
  *Success:  God gave success to the Israelites when they obeyed his master plan, not when they followed their own desires.  Likewise, we must adjust our mind to God’s way of thinking in order to see his standard for success.
  *God’s Faithfulness:  Remembering how God fulfilled his promises in the past assured the Israelites that he would be faithful in the future.  In the same way, God’s promises reassure us of his love, faithfulness, and guidance.
  *Leadership:  Joshua’s dependence on God made him a strong and effective leader.  To be a strong leader like Joshua, we must be ready to listen and act on God’s commands.
  *Conquest:  God commanded his people to conquer the Canaanites and take their land.  But Israel’s commitment to the task didn’t last long.  Commitment to God means more than being enthusiastic about him.  We must complete all of the work he gives us and apply his instructions to every part of our lives.

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