Monday, May 2, 2011


Next August I will be attending BSF again and we will be studying the Acts of the apostles.  I thought I'd start spending my summer reading Acts and making notes along the way.  This is what I have so far as an introduction to Acts.

Acts was written to give an accurate account of the birth and growth of the Christian church.  Luke wrote it to the people everywhere.  It was written around 63 and 70 AD.  It speaks of the link between Christ's life and the life of the church. 

The community of believers were unified by faith in the risen Christ.  The disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit and thousands more boldly told others about their faith in Christ.  Because early Christians were persecuted, this opposition was the spark that helped spread Christianity.

Try to put twelve people in a room with different values, backgrounds and skills.  Do you think they could accomplish a task to completion, together?  I would find this difficult, but the disciples were led to work togther.

Paul was a persecutor of Christians and then met Jesus on the road to Damascus and became a believer.
Paul's many missionary trips encompasses much of acts.  He spread the gospel everywhere he went.  He was arrested on his third mission trip and retuned to Rome under guard.  I'm assuming that's where he died, but I haven't read that far yet.

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