Friday, May 20, 2011


I was comparing myself to the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well.  He was tired from walking on dusty roads and met her at the well.  He asked her for a drink of water and she, realizing he was a Jew asked why he was asking her for water. At that time Jews thought Samaritans were inferior to themselves. Jesus replied that if she only knew the gift his father had available to her she would be asking for it and Jesus would give her the living water that would quench her worldly thirst forever.  She then inquired how he would get this living water without a rope or bucket from a very deep well.  She also doubted he could provide water better than the water given to Samaria by Jacob.  Jesus esplained to her that the water she provides will only quench thirst for a few moments, but the living water he can give her will give her a fresh, new life, an eternal life.  Finally convinced, the Samaritan woman asked for this living water so she wouldn't have to be thirsty again.  Jesus tells her to go get her husband and she admits she isn't married.  She could have lied to this man, but chose to tell him the truth.  Jesus lovingly told her he knew she didn't have a husband and in fact he knew she was living with a man out of wedlock.  He comends her for telling the truth.  In that instant God's shining light reaches into the deeply hidden places in this Samaritan woman's heart and she is set free from her sins.  We all have a hidden place or two.  I challenge you to speak the truth to God, the deep, ugly truth hidden by your fear, shame and guilt.  Concentrate what God is going to do with your future, and leave the past behind you.  Allow God's shining light and everlasting light shine in you and through you and be set free from your sin by the mercy and grace Jesus provides.

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