Saturday, July 9, 2011


Often when I have a conversation with someone about prayer the subject matter at hand is that they don't know where to start.  They don't want to start by asking him for what they need.  My response to them is to speak to God as you would a BFF.  When I talk with my best friend I start by asking her how she is and we share what we are excited or happy about and we eventually get to the complaining or venting about the troubles in our lives.  We share our concerns or questions and we talk about the new things happening in our lives.  Yes, we speak on a daily basis and we always have new news to share.  Speak to God as you would a living person, HE IS A LIVING PERSON!  This is a list of questions I keep taped to the inside of my prayer journal to prompt me into prayer on days I feel stagnant or distant.  This list reminds me to share ALL my news with God, not just what I need or thanking him for what he has provided.  I also share good news about my own life.  Eventually, over years, I have come to the point of not needing this list and I just speak to God.  I also write down my prayer requests.  I write them down to remind me of my ongoing prayers for family and friends.  If you are not sure what to be praying about, grab a bible.  Pick a favorite verse and start thinking about how you can apply it to your own life and ask for help in doing this.  Even though God knows everything concerning me and my life he wants to hear from me.  I know my best friend's husband just got a new job, but I still enjoyed hearing all the details from her and the ongoing process of him settling into that new job.  God wants the details! 

Special event/holiday today:
Things I want to accomplish today:
I am happy and excited about:
I am concerned or sad about:
Events with my family/friends:
Projects that need attention:
Devotional Passage/Bible Reading Selection:
God’s Message for me/another today:
God’s Promise(conditions):
God’s Command to Keep(area):
God’s Timeless Principle(behavior):
Insights from bible study:
How does/can this apply to my life:
New Prayer Requests:
Ongoing Prayer Requests:
Answer to Prayer:
What I learned today:
New people I met:
People/Things that brightened my day:
What I did to brighten someone else’s day:
News about my family/friends:
Today’s events that I want to remember:
Fun Facts In The News! (Music, Movies, Parties, Newspaper Clippings, Photos):

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