Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love studying the bible and enjoy researching the archeology of biblical times. I have enjoyed BSF studies and I think they are very knowledgeable and worthwhile studies.  Unfortunately, I am having difficulty keeping up with these studies and not allowing my other interests to slide.  I am still working on the themes and headings of the bible to post here on this blog, and have failed to enter the dozens of devotions I wrote over the summer.  I just finished a theology class (2 1/2 years left of study) and my weekly art class is done.  So, I do have more time, but my writing and personal bible study is being adversely affected.  I want to glorify God in the way he chooses to use me, so I am praying about whether or not to continue BSF.  I also need to focus on leading my group of 6th grade girls through our youth ministry at church and my small group study on Heaven.  I hope you check back soon for all the items I hope to be adding to this blog in the next few weeks.  Thank you for visiting.  I never knew this blog would take off like it did and I can't believe how many site visits are racking up.  If you are all visiting, I should be writng.  Have a glorious day, wherever you are, and take a moment to look up at the sky today and be thankful for your life.

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