Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm so sorry I haven't responded to anyone who has e-mailed me. Thank you for wondering where I went. The complete and honest truth is that I was in my own little cave lately. My husand of 24 years is having an affair and left our house on Dec. 9th. Needless to say, all else has taken a back seat. I know we are headed for divorce, but we haven't entered any negotiations yet. Please pray I get through this quickly so I can get on with my life with my kids by my side and free from worry and stress.

The other day I told my son I hadn't done any artwork for three weeks and he said, "That's not good, you need art". He too is an artist so understands. My dabbling with art supplies has always been my retreat from the worries and stress of life. I vow to get into my studio at least one day this week and start feeling the sense of peace and restoration I usually feel after a few hours of escape from the world.

My time with God has been waning, but I will step that up too.

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