Saturday, March 3, 2012


I cry out to the Lord with my voice; with my voice to the Lord I make my supplication.  Psalm 142:1
I pray quietly each morning and evening in my own space, and sometimes during the day I use my audible voice to pray directly for a  circumstance or need for myself or others.  I'm thinking that when I sing in worship, I am crying out my need to the Lord.  Ever notice that the songs that most likely make us get up and dance and sing out loud are the ones that touch our hearts in some way?  I play K-Love all day in my house and there are times a song moves me to get up and sing and dance, like no one is watching.  I hope there are no hidden cameras in my house, someone is getting a laugh.  But God is rejoicing at each horrible and off key note I sing.

I think that when I verbalize my feelings to God it is a little more like actually having a conversation with him.  I seem to be able to open up more and get to the "reveal" as you will of my issues because I don't have distractions.  Can you audibly speak to someone and still let your mind wander?  Not if you're really interested in what they have to say.  The depth of my heart can only be found when I get down and dirty with God and dig it all out.  Nothing can surprise or shock him, so why not tell it ALL to Him, who loves us unconditionally?  How are we to "cry" silently?  Can we?  Not realistically.  We must cry out to the Lord, audibly, because that's what he is asking us to do.  Why would he ask us to do it if he didn't care for us.  Does he want us to cry out because he wants to know our feelings?  No!  He already knows them; but do we?  Do we really know what we are feeling if we don't spend time figuring it out?  We need clarity and definition so we can be better prepared to make decisions, instead of being confused and fearful and make rash choices that don't honor God. 

So, CRY out to the Lord.  Sing, dance, praise.  Oh, and don't forget he wants us to scream and cry it all out also.  Our mind, body and heart need to get it out so our strength can shine through.

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