Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I became a Christian I was lucky enough to have like minded people around me. As my children grew we became surrounded by multiple populations of different peoples with different religions, thoughts, beliefs, negativity and hope. I started inviting people over for dinner. It began simply by saying blessing before our meal and having a "normal" conversation. More people were invited. Our conversations opened up to all kinds of subjects, including religious beliefs. We now regularly host about 30 people, mostly teenagers, every Friday night at our home. We are Christian, Muslim, Ahtiest, non-committal, gay, promiscuous, holier than thou but we all have one thing in common. We have agreed to be in each other's lives without judgment or criticism. About 150 lives have been impacted by these simple dinners and many have converted to Christianity. The best compliment I ever received was, "You are the funnest, honest Christian to be around". I frown upon adults who don't share their broken pasts with youngsters. If we seem perfect in their eyes they can't understand how they can be imperfect and still loved by Jesus. We must live as Christ would like us to, but we will stumble and stand right back up because because that momentary slip, it was the blood of Jesus we stepped on without respect. When we realize that we stand right back up again and face Jesus with our apologies and comittment to try to get it right again. 

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