Monday, May 21, 2012


I remember the days of hiking in the mountains; first as a child with my parents and siblings then as an adult with my husband and children. I miss our cabin. My ex is keeping it in the divorce. That's okay, I'm keeping the house. I miss having a "place" to escape from this rocky world. I loved the scent of the forest and the serenity. Every summer I would leave my children and husband behind for a week of solitude at our little cabin in the mountains. I would take my bible studies, books, art supplies, my case of cd's and plenty of food to last a week so I would have no need to to run for rations 40 minutes away. When I got there I would forget my troubles and shake off the dust from my daily existence. I would get closer to God during my hikes and my quiet times. I would cook and work on art projects. I would dance like no one was watching. I would sit on my front porch in a rocking chair and gaze upon the valley in front of me. I would look upon God's creation. I would sleep under the stars.

Then I would return home to the valley of my life; a pile of dishes, weeds that hadn't been pulled, laundry still wet in the washer, dust creating a extra layer on the furniture, shoes and socks strew in every room. I would realize that my time away was just that, time away from the daily-ness of my life.
Time away might have allowed me to rest and find peace in my days for a week, but the breath stopping truth is that I'm called to live most of my life in the daily-ness of it, not just during my time away. I should be excited about living in my daily-ness, not just my mountain days. I might find respite in the mountains but I should also remember to find joy and glory in every moment of every day. While my mountains days made me feel like I was on top of the trees, in this daily-ness of my life is where I can sit in their shade and eat of their fruit. In the mountains the rainstorms were magnificent, each droplet giving life to God's green earth. Here in my daily-ness the rain pools into puddles I can splash in. In the mountains of my solitude I found exhilaration in my aloneness, in my valley I find the comfort of my family. The mountains can be distant, treacherous and full of obstacles, but my daily-ness is abundant.

I give thanks to my God. "Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth". Psalm 8:9

Thank you Lord for your daily majesty, for watching over my daily-ness and for giving blessings so abundant I cannot begin to count them. I pray that you will help me to continue to see the blessings in my daily life. Allow me to see your daily glory in every moment of my day. Allow my montains to become bumps. Help me to discern what you want me to learn during my valley days. Teach me to share what I've learned. Guide me towards the path you want me to walk. Keep me from feeling lost and frustrated in my daily-ness and allow me to see your comforting hand on my shoulder at every moment. Lord, I ask that you diminish my sorrows and lessen my heartache. Bring me to a place of comfort and rest. Allow me to be content with my new life.

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