Monday, May 21, 2012


Don't I wish I could always feel this way. It's all about my attitude. I love Mondays so today I have a pretty good attitude. How can I be ecstatic when I've a long to do list? I do have things in my life I'm looking forward to, but ecstatic? Maybe I'll just play some music while doing some chores and feel content. I've always felt happiness is being content with your life. As for the divine intoxication? I do love my wine. I don't think that's what Henry Miller was speaking of. I have been forcing myself to have a zest for life that was missing, but I think "ecstatic" is too strong a word. It implies nothing goes wrong or you cloud your feelings or thoughts that are negative and don't actually deal with them. I don't welcome pain, but I don't ignore it. I don't intoxicate myself in a neglectful way. I face my fears and my pain and I attempt to work through to sunnier days. While I like this quote, and it reminds me to live positively, I guess I have a more realistic view of life.

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