Monday, May 21, 2012


There are times when I feel the burden of raising my children as a single mom. How much more must God feel the burden of raising billions of unruly children? There are so many influences in our lives; smut called entertainment, women and children trafficking, obscene language in every sentence spoken, environmental concerns, even household disagreements. I don’t know whether to crawl into a cave or shout from a mountain top. I feel overwhelmed by the angry faces I see in the world. I have been brought to anger by the casual attitude others have towards God’s gift of life. I know God requires me to provide my own elbow grease to reach the lost souls in this world. Just a smidgen of love will often sweeten a bitter relationship. A morsel of mercy can soften the most callous offender. A teaspoon of biblical truth has the power to enlighten those who have been duped by society into thinking they don’t need God.
I don’t want to forget that when God handed humanity the authority to manage his creation he didn’t intend for us to rule the masses with an iron fist. He showed us love and mercy, we must do the same. We won’t change society for good through bullying, showing disapproval or announcing our protest. Instead we can permeate our world with God’s glory by engaging in the culture we find ourselves. Say hello to a stranger, share a meal with a Muslim, clean up a non-believer’s yard, encourage the elderly to share their stories, respect the Jewish religion, provide dinner for a family in need, pray with someone in turmoil, run an errand for a sick friend.
I may lead the way God intended when I begin to love the other messy image-bearers he weaves into my life. The neighbor who drives me crazy? Make them some of G’s famous scones. The friend who ignores me but is in need of help? Make the phone calls to agencies that might be able to help her. My ex who is a lost soul? Pray for him to find his way back to God.
I cannot change the world alone. I cannot change my city alone. I cannot change my neighborhood alone. I cannot change my household alone. I cannot change my attitude alone. But, I can do all things with Christ by my side. I need to learn to share God’s glory with everyone.
*This story was inspired by my friend who has come to love a teenage girl she met through a church retreat. She is a hard person to like, let alone love. My friend has shown her compassion and acceptance and been a shining light in this young girl’s life. I admire my friend and strive to be like her in many ways. The love she pours out to people is amazing. Thanks friend.

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