Monday, May 21, 2012


Many things in my life are going well, some not so great. There are a few areas in which hopelessness tries to creep in. I need to constantly remind myself that God will deliver me. His spirit is unmistakable. I often ask how God will deliver me. But how is a riduculous notion for God. He is the Great I Am. All God asks of me is to receive his promise. Nothing more. He doesn't ask me to say a set of routine prayers, or to make a sacrifice or even to go to church. God just asks me to trust him. He doesn't offer just a quick fix that may again fray or break. He is offering me a whole new way to live. I may not have the stamina for the journey and more pain may lie ahead of me. Even so, the choice to follow God is painfully clear. I can continue to struggle all alone, pushing myself through one more day, or I can take God at his word and let go. I look at my circumstances with despair at times. I wonder if and when God can deliver me. When will he change my circumstances? He can deliver me into a place of peace, grace and mercy because it is my birthright as a child of God. How? What a riduculous notion for God!

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