Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh how I wish I could dwell in the comfort of stability right now in my personal life.  However Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.  Hebrews 13:8

I used to think that the best way for my husband and I to show our children stabilty was for them to witness the love and affectionate devotion we had for each other.  We always kissed and hugged in front of our kids.  With so many broken marriages these days I wanted them to be secure in the fact that their little family was safe now, tomorrow and forever.  I wanted them to go to sleep every night without worries, knowing tomorrow our family was still safe and sound and they were loved and protected.

I never expected this marriage to end.  However, I am continuing to show my kids that they are in a stable and secure family and they are loved and protected.  I want them to trust that even though some things change, their mother will always be there for them.  I want them to feel confident as they venture out into the world, believing that our famiy is still here and always will be.  I want them to trust in God to find a perfect spouse for them, even though a happy future cannot be guaranteed. 

In a moment's notice my children will be gone to live their lives alone or with spouses.  I pray they will continue the tradition of making their children feel stable and secure, loved and protected.  I want my grandchildren to count of their parents in every situation and have the confidence to one day find their own spouses, without guarantee of a happy future.

What I want most is for my children and their legacy to love, trust and call upon Jesus at every moment; during times of triumph as well as at times of turmoil.  I want them to know that when life throws them a curveball, they just have to adjust a little to make sure they catch it.  Life is hard but it's a blast.  Life without Jesus is not an option.  I could not have gotten through the past 6 months without my love for Christ and my reliance on Him to make sure the path God wants me on is the one I'm walking.  I don't know where my path will lead me, or where the path may lead my children, but I am confident, after watching how strong my children have been that they will continue to love and obey Christ.  It's all a mother can ask for.

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