Thursday, July 26, 2012


So I've read the bible completely through about 7 times, and some books even more, but...rereading the book more directly for my SALT program is really getting me going. I love reading the bible. As I finish each chapter I write a sentence or two about what I've read. Today's five chapters? Genesis 41-45 -

41. Joseph tells Pharoh what his dreams mean (abundance/famine), and puts him in ch...arge of everything, 7 years of abundance ended, famine began
42. Joseph's brothers come to buy grain, he sends for his youngest bother Benjamin, leaving one of his brothers in prison 

 43. His brothers return with Benamin, and the feast with Joseph, still not knowing who he is

44. Joseph sets Benjamin up to be a slave, and his brothers plea for mercy

 45. Joseph reveals who he is, then tells his brothers to go get Jacob, his father and their familes so they can share in Joseph's wealth

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