Friday, July 13, 2012


The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me".  Matt 25:40

I find myself again helping a young man during a hard time in his life.  I love helping those who need shelter and food and a place to call home.  I wish I could build houses or fix cars for them, but those are not my gifts.  There are so many stories of abuse and neglect out there, and of violence touching the lives of God's faithful.  I'm grateful for helping this young man from a great family whose parents have placed conditions on him which he was unable to meet.  He is getting there and doing a fine job in the process.  I know he will be home soon to his loving family.

God comes to me in quiet times, watching a mother stroll with her child along a sidewalk, the homeless man on Central Ave, the woman who flees an unhealthy relationship, the addict who stumbles once again, the man who has lost his job, the old widow sitting in church alone....

We all tend to water down the realities of life, but the words of Christ bang on my heart, "Whatever you do for the least of these..."  I realize that not doing anything IS doing something, it's turning the other cheek and ignoring the need.  Thats the truth for most of us.  I will never become a missionary, I will never help out with Habitat for Humanity, etc.  I will continue, however, to feed, shelter and clothe those God's allows me to provide for.  I will donate time, money and energy when and where I can. 

Jesus Christ walks among us, now!  The mother strolling with her child does so because she might not have a car, the homeless man on Central Ave might have been abused, the woman who flees her husband might be protecting her children as well, the addict needs love and understanding, not judgment, the widow is just lonely and a simple smile or "hello" might make his day.  God commands us to "do for the least of these".  Jesus disguises himself as a poor mother, a homeless man, an abused woman, an addict and a lonely widow.  God doesn't need to speak to me because I already know what he is saying.  "Will you help me, please?"

I have been on the receiving end of mercies untold an countless blessings when I needed them in the past 7 months.  I open my heart and my door to shelter, feed and clothe those in need.  I have had doors opened for me in my time of need BECAUSE I have been there for others in their time of need.  God calls all of us to serve, to love to help where and when we can, NOT IF we can.  We can all help in some way, even if its just praying for everyone you know who is in need. 

God enters the world through the truth of how Christians live their lives.  We are not called to help Christians who are clean, loyal, honest and wealthy.  We are called to help the down and out, the homeless, the lonely, the abused and all the children of the world.  Oh wait...we are ALL children of the world!

For the sake of the least of these, please find a place to serve God by honoring his command to go out and serve those in need. 

I have an abundant life, not because of money, but because I have loved those God has entrusted to my care.


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