Monday, July 16, 2012


While in SALT I will be required to read the bible in it's completion by April 14, 2013, only 10 months away.  While I've read the bible many times over, I haven't read it this quickly.  I also am uncertain how much I will retain while reading at least 5 chapters a day and trying to concentrate enough on the word to study it.  I can read fast.  I could probably read the bible in a week if I wanted to, but at what cost.  Reading alone won't allow me to drink it all in.

Lord, I understand that it is essential for me to gain wisdom and knowledge of your Word by reading and concentrating on it's meaning.  I ask you to allow me to approach your Word with desire, faith and an open heart so that you will bring to light any concepts you want me to understand.  I am determined to follow the SALT reading schedule and I ask you to remove obstacles, both within my own heart, and those outside influences I have no control over.  Help me to apply your Word to my personal life and be the example you want me to be to others.  Slowly sculpt me into the image you want to see.  I also ask you, fervently, to fight evil influences around me and my family and not allow them to touch oru lives.  Calm the stormy waters we have been riding lately so that I may be able to concentrate fully on your Word and the changes you want to see in me and my life.  Make me bold enough to say "No" to requests of my time that will take me away from you and my commitment to study your word this school year.  Allow me to persevere to the end of the SALT program and to the end in which I have pleased you by my actions and words.  Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have rained down upon my family during the past 7 difficult months.  I thank you for bringing us to our new home and for protecting us.  I thank you for calming my heart and bringing me closer to you.  I will forever endeavor to follow you and please you.  Amen

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