Saturday, August 4, 2012


Summary of each chapter in EXODUS

1. Jacobs family goes to Egypt but become slaves when their number increase too much according
to the king, Pharoh orders baby boys to be killed
2. Moses is placed in the Nile and Pharoh's daughter finds him & raises him, Moses kills an
Egyptian beating a Hebrew, flees to the wilderness, marries
3. God speaks to Moses through a burning bush, God commands Moses to return to Egypt
to bring the Israelites out of Egypt
4. Miraculous signs, Moses staff into snake, leprous hand, his brother Aaron is appointed as
helper, Moses leaves for Egypt in obedience
5. Moses asks Pharoh to free Israelites, slaves have to build bricks without being given
6. God has heard Israelites groaning and renews a covenant with them, promising to free
and redeem them
7. Moses & Aaron warn Pharoh, Aaron's staff into snake, Pharoh's sorcerers do the same,
Aaron's staff swallows their staffs, First Plague: water to blood
8. Second Plague:  the country is filled with frogs, Third Plague: dust will become gnats,
Fourth Plague: swarm of flies
9. Fifth Plague: all Egyptian livestock struck dead, but Israelites livestock untouched,
Sixth Plague: festering boils, Seventh Plague: hailstorm causing death
10. Eighth Plague:  locusts, Pharoh's officials tell he should let the slaves go, Ninth  
Plague: darkness for three days
11. Tenth Plague: first born sons die, 
12. Mark the doors with lamb's blood, passover, exodus of Israelites gold and silver in
13. First borns belong to God, Israelites led by pillar of cloud and fire
14. Pharoh chases Israelites, Moses parts the Red Sea, Pharoh's army is dead
15. Moses sings a song glorifying God and all he has done, makes bitter water sweet and
God tells them to be good to avoid punishment
16. Exiles are hungry in Desert of Sin and God rains down food from Heaven, they are
greedy but eat manna for 40 years
17. Exiles leave Desert of Sin, Moses brings water from a rock, they are attacked but
Moses holds his hands up during battle and they win, he builds an altar
18. Jethro, Moses father in law comes to the dessert with Moses' family, Moses appoints
 judges over the people
19. Arrive in Mt. Sinai, Moses called to mountain, Go descended and met with Moses &
Aaron, no one else allowed
20. God gives Moses the 10 commandments, mountain shakes, thunder, lightening,
smoke, people fear God
21. Laws to obey regarding slaves' freedom and fighting and injuries.
22. Laws regarding personal property, and how to treat others
23. Laws regarding how to behave, rest, celebrate.  An angel (Jesus?) is coming to guard
the Israelites, we must do what he says and not worship other gods
24. Moses called to Mt. Sinai again, wrote down what God said, build an alter of 12
25. Offerings from each man as propted to give, then he commanded a tabernacle be
26. Requirements of the curtains in the tabernacle
27. Requirements for altar, courtyard, oil lamps
28. Requirements for garments for Aaron, called to be a priest
29. Requirements for ordaining Aaron, and daily offering
30. God commands building an alter for incense, outlines giving, bronze basin for washing, annointing oil and incense

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