Monday, September 3, 2012


There are times when I don't listen to God's music because I'm too distracted by the noise of my life, especially during dark uncertain situations. If I remember to take just a moment to focus on God I begin to year the soft hum. When I take the time to read the bible and study notes I begin to discern the melody. When I speak and pray to God directly, in a personal relationship, I begin to distinguish the chorus and when I surrender to Christ completely I hear the glorious band in all it's magnificence, every note distinct and clear. I want to spend my life dancing with Jesus so I might better know the steps through practice. I don't just want to survive the dance, but I want to thrive because of the dance. ********** This weekend I was asked to serve God in a way I didn't want to. I was hesitant and made it known. However, I chose to surrender to God fully and accept the challenge he placed in front of me. Only after I had done this did the situation work out and my desires were met. Had I chosen to not serve, or compalined longer, I might not have rewarded with the chance to thrive because of the dance.

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