Monday, November 26, 2012


Sometimes the imagery used in the bible tells me more than the words themselves. The first two verses of Genesis are a perfect example. As God began to create the world we now call home the Spirit of God is described as “hovering over”. Over the unformed and unruly mass much as a mother bird fluttering over her brood. The picture I envision is the very careful and loving attention God gives to us, his creation. He is protecting, shaping and guiding our development. There is no room for chance or randomness. Everything is under his control. As God’s Spirit hovers he extracts from our chaos perfect order, boundaries and purpose. This appears to be the job description of the Holy Spirit. He continually hovers over all our disorder (our pain, uncertainty, betrayal, financial issues, deceit, fear, anger, greed, laziness, pride, lust, jealousy, unforgiveness, isolation) and brings us the design, the blueprint that he wants for us and that he intended from the beginning. If there is any short message or basic summary I can extract from the bible’s story of creation, it’s this. God is in charge. He is in charge of everything, all the time and for all time. What greater comfort could there be for us. Let’s hold on to the promise that he will rescue and save us.

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