Friday, August 23, 2013


Why did John write this book?

I believe John wrote this book to tell me how I can have eternal life, to assure me I am saved.

How can you be sure you are saved?

According to several bible passages in 1 John I believe the following are true and attainable.

1:9 – I must confess my sins

2:3 – I must keep his commandments

3:6 – I must abide (reside) in his love, or his presence

4:4 – As a child of know I need to remember I can overcome anything, as long as God is in me and I am not in the world

4:10 – God loved me so much that he sent his only son to die for my sins

4:16 – God is love and if I abide in love, I abide in him

4:20 – How can I love God who I haven’t seen, if I can’t love someone I have seen

5:12-13 – I have eternal life if I have the son because I believe in him and continue to do so.

This all begs me to answer if I truly am a believer.  I don’t love everyone I know, and quite frankly I hate a few people, I don’t follow all of God’s commandments, I sometimes justify my sins and I don’t always think I can overcome any obstacle.  I am a sinner with a future, good and bad. 

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